How do I use this thing?

Creating a Cuando reminder is easy:

  1. Press the Add a Reminder button
  2. Enter the reminder text (duh)
  3. Select when you want to reminded
    The "when I get to" option will alert you when you get to a place
    while the "when I leave" option will alert you when you leave a place.
  4. Select where you want to be reminded
    If you need to add a place:
    • Press the Add a new Place button
    • Give the new place a name
    • Press Use Current Location, search by address, or click a place on the map.
      The red circle on the map indicates your location.
      You can make sure it covers you location by clicking it on the map.
    • Press the Save button
  5. Press the Save button

Is it available for iPhone?

Not yet.

Found a problem?

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